Course Content

Code Igniter is an open source Web application framework written in PHP. It can work with many database applications, including MySQL, DB2® Express-C, and others.

The framework uses the MVC design pattern, the primary goal of which is to separate the data and presentation layers of a software application. In the Model-View- Controller (MVC) pattern, the model manages the data layer, communicating with the database; the view manages the presentation layer, displaying the UI and content; and the controller manages the communication between the views and models.


  • HTML knowledge
  • Basic PHP-MySQL

Who Should Attend

Developers looking to using PHP framework Code igniter

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Implement many server- side techniques such as grid view
  • Understand how to dynamically change the content on a page using Code ignite.
  • Create properly designed architectures using Code Igniter
  • Create web application with database using framework
  • Utilize many tools for development library and helper

Course Outline

  • PHP Framework introduction
  • Introduction to PHP OOP
  • Introduction CodeIgniter
  • URL on CodeIgniter – URI segment
  • Working with Database
  • Create library
  • Create helper
  • Building Web Application


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